CyberPower 425VA 260W Compact UPS System ST425 8 Outlets

CyberPower 425VA 260W Compact UPS System ST425 8 Outlets

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CyberPower 425VA 260W Compact UPS System ST425 8 Outlets

The CyberPower ST425 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) safeguards a home office PC and other electronics (modem, wireless router, gaming console, and cablebox/DVR) from surges, spikes, sags, brownouts and other power abnormalities. Its composite integrated circuitry offers advanced lightning protection. A Three-Year Warranty ensures that this UPS has passed our highest quality standards in design, assembly, material or workmanship and further protection is offered by a $75,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.

  • 425 VA/260 W 
  • 8 Standard Outlets 
  • Standby Topology
  • Full-time Surge Protection and Battery Backup
  • Three-Year Warranty


Product Features

  • Battery Backup
    Supplies power long enough for equipment to properly shut down when utility power fails. Helps prevent loss of data and minimizes the component stress caused by a hard shutdown.
  • Surge Protection
    Diverts excess voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment during an AC power surge or power spike to prevent damage.
  • Simulated Sine Wave Output
    Uses pulse wave modulation to generate a stepped, approximated sine wave to supply cost-effective battery backup power for equipment that does not require sine wave output.
  • GreenPower UPS™ High-Efficiency Design
    Reduces power consumption by utilizing a compact charger and power inverter to create an ultra-efficient backup power system for home and office use.
  • Transformer-Spaced Outlets
    Accommodates large transformer-based plugs without compromising the access of other outlets.
    This model is an ENERGY STAR® qualified Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy-efficient products and practices that help save money and protect the environment.
  • Three-Year Warranty
    CyberPower will replace a defective UPS system (including batteries) within three years of the purchase date. See warranty for details.
  • Connected Equipment Guarantee
    CyberPower will repair or replace properly connected equipment if it is damaged by a power surge.


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CyberPower 425VA 260W Compact UPS System ST425 8 Outlets Specification


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